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American Beerfest 05

American Beer Fest Banner

The American Beer Festival
June 18, 2005
Boston, MA

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Waiting to get in
Before the main crowd arrived

The American Beer Fest was held at the Boston Center for the Arts (a.k.a. Cyclorama). We've been to many festivals here and really enjoy this location. It's big enough to hold the crowd and not feel uncomfortable, easy to get to, and best of all never has a line for the bathroom! 

Danielle's Samples  
Avery Brewing Co. 12th Anniversary
Brooklyn Brewery Blanche de Brooklyn
Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Pennant Ale
Cambridge Brewing Co. Cerise Cassee American Sour
Cambridge Brewing Co. Beantowne Espresso Stout
Clipper City Brewery Red Sky at Night - Belgian style ale
Cape Ann Brewing Co. Fishermans Brew
Great Divide Brewing Co. Wild Raspberry Ale
Magic Hat 370 - Hefeweizen
NERAX - Martha's Exchange Velvet Elvis Vanilla Stout
Ommegang Hennepin
Offshore Brewing Co. Rye Hop Pale Ale
Russian River Brewing Co. Damnation Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Six Point Craft Ales Smoked Baltic Porter
Smuttynose Brewing Co. Wheat Wine
Sprecher Abbey Triple

Danielle taking notes
Danielle taking notes

American Beer Fest Crowd
Maximum capacity
More and more people are attending beer fests, such as this event which was sold out. However, due to the excellent planning the room was not over crowded and lines at the brewers tables were never long.
Tim's Samples  
Avery Brewing Co. Maharaja IPA
 Boulder Beer Sweaty Betty Blonde Belgian Wheat
Clipper City Brewery Red Sky At Night Belgian Style Ale
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Aprihop (randall)
Great Divide Brewing Co. Hercules Double IPA
Harpoon Brewery Triticus Wheat Wine
Lagunitas Brewing Co. 10 - light Belgian
Magic Hat Brewing Co. Batch 370 Hefeweizen
Offshore Ale Company Inkwell Imperial Stout
Offshore Ale Company Rye Pilsner
Olde Burnside Brewery Tenpenny Pale Ale
Portsmouth Brewery Wheat Wine
Russian River Brewing Co. Suplication - Brown ale aged in pinot noir barrels
Russian River Brewing Co. Pliney the Elder Double IPA
Russian River Brewing Co. Temptation - Golden Ale
Sixpoint Craft Ales Diesel Imperial Stout
Sixpoint Craft Ales Belgian Tiger IPA
Stone Brewing Co. 05.05.05 Vertical Epic
Stoudts Brewing Co. Double IPA
Thomas Hooker American Pale Ale
Thomas Hooker Irish-Style Red Ale
Tuckerman Brewing Co. Headwall Alt

Great selection of brews
Great Selection of Brews

Brewers Tables
Brewers Tables

All the brewers had about 6 feet of table to work with. Some decorated their space with hops and grains, while others offered free coasters, bottle caps, stickers and bottle openers. Most importantly, they all poured wonderful beers with expert perfection.

Beer fests are best enjoyed with good friends. We often share samples and give each other tips on where the best beer is. 

All of us
All of us
Parting Shots
Lee and Danielle
Lee and Danielle
The early crowd
The early crowd
Fuzz going crazy
Fuzz going crazy
Try this one next
You should try this one next
The crowd grows
the crowd grows
Peace Out Tuckermans
Tuckerman Brewing Company
New fest pals
Our new beer fest pals
Quality control
Quality control is very important
Having a good time
Having a good time
Someone had a bit too much
Someone had a bit too much
Drink up
Drink up!

Crowd in full swing
How the beer gets to the fest
The beer doesn't drive itself to the fest

The next festival will be the New England Beer Fest held on Saturday, October 29th.

For info and tickets visit www.beeradvocate.com or click this link.


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