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Fishermans Brew
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A woman drove me to drink and I didn't have the decency to thank her.
- W.C. Fields

Fishermans Brew

Fishermans Brew
Fisherman's Brew
Cape Ann Brewing Co.
Gloucester, MA

Tasting Notes

Style: American Amber

Alcohol by volume: 5.5%

Appearance: Clear light copper color with some orange and yellow hues. A frothy ivory head slowly dissolves to a thick ring on the surface leaving a few spots of lace behind.

Aroma: A malty aroma with hints of toasted malt and hops.


Summary: This is the first beer from Cape Ann Brewing Co. which opened in the spring of 2004. I found it to be an easy drinking nice flavored 'everyday' beer. Hopefully other beers from this brewer will be on the market soon.

Fisherman's Brew

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