Typical calories
Beers, lager and cider per half pint (284ml)
Bitter, canned and draught 91
Bitter, keg 88
Mild bitter, draught 71
 Brown ale 80
 Pale ale 91
Stout, bottled 105
Strong ale (barley wine type) 205
Lager (ordinary strength) 85
 Sweet cider 110
Dry cider 95

Wines, small glass (125ml)

Red wine 85
Rose wine, medium 89
Sweet white wine 118
Dry white wine 83
Medium white wine 94
Sparkling white wine 95

Fortified wine (50ml)

Port 79
Sherry, dry 58

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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The best beer in the world is the one in my hand.  - Charlie Papazian

Interested in finding out how may calories are in your favorite style of beer? Want to learn some interesting beer related facts? Or are you just curious to see what Tim and Danielle like to drink? All these answers can be found on this page and as soon as we hear of anything new we'll post it here.
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Beer Style Brewer
IPA Harpoon
Stout Guinness
Barleywine Sierra Nevada
Hefeweizen Paulaner, Sam Adams, Harpoon
Pale Ale


Brown Ale Woodstock Inn
Pub Ale Boddington, Tetley
Pilsner Chechovar

The next time you are at the store we encourage you to pick up a brand you have not tried before. If you are not sure what to get, ask the store clerk or another customer what they recommend. You just may find a new favorite beer to enjoy when you are relaxing at home!

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