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Danielle and Tim at Disney World
Danielle and Tim at Disney World

This was Danielle's first time visiting the Magic Kingdom. We hit all the major rides and spent the entire day in the park.

Here are my tips on visiting the Magic Kingdom:

Get to the park about 1/2 hour before it opens. It will take you that long to park the car, get to the ferry or monorail for the trip across or around the lake and then purchase tickets if you did not get them in advance.
Upon entering the park walk straight down Main Street and through or around Cinderella's castle to Fantasy Land. Don't miss the Peter Pan ride, it's the best attraction in Fantasy Land.
From Fantasy Land venture over to Future World for the Alien Encounter and other attractions.
After Future World cut through the castle again and visit Liberty Square and the Haunted Mansion (the best ride in the park!)
From Liberty Square head towards Frontier Land and check out the caves on Tom Sawyer island.  They are nice and cool on a hot humid day.
It should now be early afternoon, so find a good spot in Frontier Land to enjoy the parade.  Try to find a spot about a 1/2 hour before the parade starts. This is a good time to rest and maybe grab a snack and a cold drink.
Once the parade is over head towards Adventure Land for the Jungle Cruise and other attractions.  Don't miss the singing birds in the Tiki Room!
Now you have seen the entire park, but don't forget to visit the gift shop on Main Street before you head out!

Mr. Toad's Wild ride was one of the original attractions at Disney World. We were among the last visitors to enjoy this ride. It was closed for good the day after this photo was taken. Today, you can enjoy an adventure through Winnie the Pooh's 100 acre woods. Personally, I enjoyed the drunken police chase of Mr. Toad's.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Walt and Mickey

If it wasn't for Walt Disney's dream of opening a theme park in central Florida this entire area would be a giant swamp infested with alligators. Danielle and I always have a great time when we visit Disney World and can't wait to return! 

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