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Tim's new friend
Tim and his new Norwegian friend

Epcot is actually an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. I call it a great place to visit the future and see the world all in one day.

Here are my tips on visiting Epcot Center:

Get to the park about 1/2 hour before it opens. This may get you a parking space within walking distance of the entrance.
Once inside the park and before you do anything make a dinner reservation at the customer service center just to the left of the big ball for one of the terrific World Showcase restaurants inside the park. Our favorite is Germany, because they have an Oompa band! (and lots of beer)
We always hit the Spaceship Earth (otherwise known as the big ball) first thing to avoid the crowds and long lines that form later in the day.
From Spaceship Earth we venture over to the Living Seas to see the manatees.
After the Living Seas we visit the Land (don't miss the boat ride through the hydroponic gardens and the singing food revue!) and World of Imagination. You can't miss the Honey I Shrunk the Audience movie in 3D!
It should now be late morning and we usually cut across to the other side of Spaceship Earth to visit the Universe of Energy. This attraction features a ride through the time of dinosaurs.
Once we are back in our own time we hop over to the human body attractions, skip the auto track and then begin our walk around the World Showcase beginning at Mexico.
By the time we see the attractions at the various lands and reach Germany our reserved table for dinner should be ready.
After dinner we see the rest of the World Showcase then find a spot along the lake for the laser and fireworks show. You need to find a spot about an hour to an hour and a half before the fireworks show begins if you want to see anything.

Other tips:

You can spend the entire day in Epcot Center and still not see everything. Plan on which attractions you definitely want to see before you leave and skip over your second or third choices if there is not enough time.
Twice a day there is a parade that goes around the world showcase. As long as your in the area, find a nice shady spot and watch the parade go by.
Beginning in October, Epcot Center hosts the International Food and Wine festival. We were lucky enough to have visited during this celebration, but found it to be a bit expensive.

If you want to avoid the crowds and the heat try to plan your trip for late October and early November. Definitely DO NOT go around Christmas, Thanksgiving or during school breaks (February and April).

Danielle at Epcot Center
Danielle at Epcot Center

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