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If you've never been to Disney's Animal Kingdom before I would suggest heading to the Kilamanjaro Safari ride first thing in the morning. This ride gets you up close to all the wild animals roaming around in the park.  It is also the most popular ride in the park and the wait can be long. You may want to do the ride again later in the day to see some of the animals that were not active in the morning.

Other things not to miss are the Tree of Life, an animated 3D movie featuring characters for a Bugs Life and the Dinosaur Ride. Of course you will want to wander through all the animal exhibits around the park as well.

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life

Seen while on safari

Fancy Costumes
What a great costume!

One other suggestion for your visit, if you plan on eating at the Rainforest Cafe at the entrance to the park, make a reservation before you buy your enter the Animal Kingdom. The restaurant will fill up fast when the park closes at 5:00.

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