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Woodstock Inn & Brewery
Woodstock Inn & Brewery
The Woodstock Inn & Brewery is located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. They feature a diverse lunch and dinner menu, three different dining rooms, an excellent selection of freshly brewed beer and accommodations for any budget. Their beers are all brewed on site and can be brought home in a growler (large bottle). If you have the time you could spend a weekend in one of their rooms and be featured to a fantastic breakfast each morning. Try not to miss the spent grain bread that's baked fresh from the oven!

In April and November the Woodstock Inn offers a brewers weekend where beer enthusiasts can assist the head brewers with making a batch of beer. It begins with a reception on Friday night, where you can meet the brewers and other participants, and ends with a fantastic dinner on Saturday night. Meanwhile, all day Saturday is spent brewing (and drinking) beer.

Danielle & Tim
Danielle & Tim

Adding Grains
Beginning the brewing process

The brewing process begins early (7:00 am on Saturday morning). It starts with cracking grains in a mill then boiling them to release all the sugars to convert the mixture into wort.. From there the wort is transferred into a boiler where hops and other ingredients are added. After a long boil the wort is transferred again to a fermentation tank where yeast is added to convert the mixture into beer. This beer could be any one of their excellent brews such as Pig's Ear brown Ale, Red Rack red ale or the Weasel Wheat.

 Mash tuns Boiling the grains Mixing the grains Mixing grains Scooping out the grains Cleaning the mash tun
Boiling and mixing the grains to create wort. Also, cleaning the grains out of the mash tun for the next batch of beer.

Brew Kettle Inside brew kettle Danielle looking into brew kettle Hops
Transferring the wort to the boiler and adding the hops.

The bar at Woodstock Inn Danielle with beer Tim at the tap Danielle at the tap
What's a brewers weekend without a few brews?

Brewers Dinner Profile House Another view of our room Fireplace in our room Hottub and large bathroom
The brewers dinner was excellent and our room was fit for a king!

Danielle & Heather Heather & Steve Heather & Danielle Mike, Steve & Danielle
Steve and Heather were very nice and Mike the brewer has a great job!

We had a great time at the Woodstock Inn brewers weekend and look forward to doing it again sometime. 

Keep real ale alive! Support your local brewery's and brewpubs.


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