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Moat Mountain Inn and Smoke House
The Moat Mountain Smoke House and Brewing Co. is located on Rt. 16 in North Conway, New Hampshire. They are open year round and offer several rooms for guests. Besides the fine selection of beers they provide, the food is fabulous. Try a small order of ribs (for one), a BBQ sampler platter (for two or three) or a pulled pork sandwich. If the weather is nice, ask for a seat on the porch to enjoy the fantastic view of Mt. Washington.

Beers we sampled from left to right:

Hoffman Weiss
Golden Dog Pilsner
Cathedral Ledge Lager
Iron Mike Pale Ale
Bear Peak Brown
Olympic Dunkel Weiss
Square Tail Stout

Hoffman Weiss

An unfiltered golden weiss beer with a flowery aroma and hints of banana. This is a well carbonated brew with a medium body and a sweet flavor that lingers after each sip.
Golden Dog Pilsner A clear crisp beer with a deep golden color, slightly foamy head and an herbal aroma. The smooth, clean mouth feel of each sip is followed by a buttery aftertaste.
Cathedral Ledge Lager Another clear golden beer with a stronger herbal aroma due to the amount of hops that are present. This beer is on the bitter side and feels thin and crisp in the mouth. It finishes hoppy, but does not leave a bitter taste.
Iron Mike Pale Ale A light gold color with an herbal aroma that has a faint hint of hops. There is a strong hop flavor at the beginning of each sip that is followed by more malty tones. A bitter aftertaste is left once swallowed.
Bear Peak Brown This beer has a beautiful brownish red color and a slightly foamy head that hangs onto the sides of the glass. The malty aroma is followed by a carmel taste in this thick bodied beer which leaves a malty finish.
Olympic Dunkel Weiss A cloudy, dark reddish/brown beer that is unfiltered and has a foamy head. Above the glass lingers a flowery and fruity aroma which hints at the flavor. This medium bodied beer has a smooth flavor with a hint of banana in each sip.
Square Tail Stout This dark beer has a thick creamy head the color of mocha. A toasted almond aroma with a hint of herbs hovers above the glass. Each sip has a smooth mouth feel and a strong toasted flavor that is combined with zesty hops. A rich mocha flavor lingers after each swallow.

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