9/5/04 - Blue Hills - 8 miles - Tim, Danielle, Heather, Steve

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Having never hiked in the Blue Hills, Steve and Heather offered to be our guide. Our goal was to hike out half way across the ridge and return to the car.
The hike began along a wide flat path next to the road.
We soon made it to the ski slope and found it quite hot in the sun.
Back in the woods the trail began to get steep. However, the steps built into the trail made the going easy.
We quickly made it to the top of the first hill and found the Skyline trail. We followed this trail for most of our hike.
A stone bridge near the observation tower.
Checking out the tower and trying to look cool.
The tower is just tall enough to let you look over all the trees.
There's also a picnic area at the base of the tower.
Danielle found some graffiti of her name. At least she told us that she found it.
The view from the tower was nice. Especially on such a clear day.
We could see the other hills we would soon be hiking to.
And we had a nice view of Boston.
Of course the view is better with a telephoto lens.
We could even see the ocean.
Back on the trail we made good time on the wide open path.
But some sections were rough and steep.
On the next hill we could see one of the communication towers we passed earlier in the day.
It was also a good spot to stop and take a "summit" photo.
Another opening through the trees revealed a nice view of the city.

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