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VT Brewers Fest 07

The Vermont Brewers Fest in Burlington, VT is held each July on the shores of lake Champlain. It's a beautiful outdoor location that offers many VT, New England and New York beers. There's even a few beers from Canada.

Our trip to Vermont this year included Jon from the Mercury Brewery and his girlfriend Laura. Steve, Heather and their new baby Mckinlee also joined us again. The weekend began with lunch on the deck at the Long Trail brewery. From there Heather and Steve drove to Heathers father's house, while the rest of us headed north to the Shed in Stowe and the Alchemist in Waterbury. After dinner we registered for our hotel room then grabbed one more beer at Three Needs in downtown Burlington before calling it a night.

On Saturday, the weather was spectacular! We got up early and ate a big breakfast then made our way to the lakefront for the fest. Getting there an hour early allowed us to get a spot near the front of the line. During the fest we found Heather, Steve and Mckinlee again as well as some of our brewery friends we've met over the past year.

We sampled many, many beers during the four hours at the fest. Some of the beers were old favorites like Heady Topper, while new beers such as Infusco surprised us with its great flavor. Tickets were mandatory for each beer, but as usual we find a way to get more tickets without paying. Plus some of our friends helped us grab a beer or two for free.

After the fest we parted ways with Heather and Steve and headed back downtown to grab dinner and a few beers at the Vermont Pub & Brewery. From there it was on to American Flatbread for some more beers and a chance to meet some of the brewers we saw earlier. It was very crowded in the bar that night.

On Sunday we stopped by Magic Hat to see what was going on before heading home. However, before we got too far a stop at Ben & Jerry's for an ice cream was in order. This was one of the best year's we've had at the Vermont Brewers Fest. Great weather, terrific friends and of course awesome beer.

Can't wait until next year.

Pictures from our weekend in Vermont 

Some of the Brewers we Visited

The Alchemist
Rock Art
Zero Gravity Brewing Co.
Woodstock Inn
Tuckerman Brewery
Moat Mountain Brewery
Magic Hat
Long Trail
Peak Organic
Portsmouth Brewery
Martha's Exchange
Harpoon Brewery
Lake Placid Pub & Brewery
Sam Adams
Bobcat Cafe
Trout River

Our Top Picks

Heady Topper double IPA - The Alchemist
Infusco - Rock Art
Mai Bock - Moat Mountain
Velvet Elvis - Martha's Exchange
Summer Gruit Ale - Zero Gravity


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