Timothy J Broderick
Information Analyst
Based in Beverly, MA
Email: timbrod@hotmail.com Phone: (978)921-4585

I am an Information Analyst who specializes in improving customer satisfaction. For the past five years I have been capturing, analyzing, and reporting on issues and trends that impact the way a company does business. For example, by listening to what customers have to say and identifying their top concerns, I was able to help a financial industry giant recognize which products and services created the most dissatisfaction. Reporting the findings to senior executives assisted them in prioritizing projects that would resolve these issues.

In addition, I managed a program which allowed phone representatives to offer solutions to every day problems. With the assistance of IT professionals, I was able to help improve the way reps interacted with customers. I have also built several internal websites that helped improve the way data was collected and increased the delivery time of reports and other pieces of information. More recently, I assisted an insurance industry leader with coordinating sales contest winner results. This information was used by senior executives to recognize and reward top sales producers. My project management skills were also put into action when I helped them create their annual recognition book.

As this summary shows, I have the ability to see the big picture while not losing sight of the goal, learn the skills necessary to accomplish any task, and have the determination to be successful. On this site you can view a record of my accomplishments, my resume, and information on how I can be contacted. Thank you for visiting.