North Crocker

August 31, 2003
(Tim & Danielle - Total Distance: 6 miles)

North Crocker is about a mile from South Crocker along the Appalachian Trail.  The trail between the two peaks is shaped like a V where you hike down to a col (lowpoint between peaks) and then hike up to the summit. On the way from South Crocker we had a nice view of the north peak, but could see little else. The hike between the peaks goes through a lush forest with lots of ferns and hardwood trees.

North Crocker Summit
North Crocker Summit

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View from North Crocker
North Crocker View with AT border cut
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In less than an hour from the South Crocker summit we were standing on top of North Crocker.  When we arrived we came across an AT through hiker named "Tater" who had stopped for a lunch break. He was a very interesting fellow and we shared hiking stories, news and other tales about the mountains. He told us one story about how he was chased by a mother moose around some bushes for a half hour before she finally gave up and went away. Soon, a couple of other thru hikers stopped by and exchanged pleasantries with us.

Although North Crocker has some limited views our time there was very memorable due to the wonderful thru hikers we met.  Our way back to the car, over South Crocker again, was uneventful. After the hike we set up camp at Cathedral Pines campground in Eustis, ME. It's a beautiful campground on the northern shore of Flagstaff Lake. This location has a wonderful view of the Bigelow mountain range and offers easy access to lots of outdoor activities.  But sometimes we just want to sit back and enjoy the view.

The Bigelows from Catherdal Pines Campground
The bigelows from Cathedral Pines Campground
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