Mt. Nancy

May 31, 2004
(Tim, Danielle, Fuzz - Total Distance: 8 miles)

Mt. Nancy is one of the hundred highest mountains in New England. To get there we hiked 3.5 miles into the woods passing a beautiful cascade, ponds and views along the way.

The first couple of miles to the cascade were rather easy. We had to cross a few streams and passed an old mill that was left ruined in the woods. In about an hour we had our first view of Nancy cascade. The falls were flowing nicely on this late spring day. We stayed for a while and watched the water fall over the rocks. It was quite a site.

Tim and Danielle on Mt. Nancy
Mt. Nancy Summit

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Nancy Pond
Nancy Pond
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Back on the trail we hiked up the steep rocky slope behind the cascade to reach the ridge beyond. This was the first real climbing we did so far this day. About 3/4 of the way up we found a nice lookout where we had a great view of Stairs mountain. At the ridge the trail leveled out again and passed through some swampy wet areas. Here we found trillium and mountain azaleas in full bloom. We reached Nancy pond and soon came to Norcross pond where we began looking for the herd path to the summit of Mt. Nancy. It was very buggy, but the views out to the pemi and over to Mt. Lowell were fantastic. At the far end of Norcross pond we found the herd path and a great view of the pemi where the pond flows down into the valley. It was such a beautiful spot we could have sat there all day.

The herd path up Mt. Nancy is a little more than a half mile long, but it is extremely steep. It begins by passing by a slide with a great view of the valley and mountains below. It took us about 45 minutes to reach the summit and find the canister on top. We had the summit to ourselves on this perfect day. 

On top of the mountain we took a break and marveled at the views. Eventually, we put our packs back on and headed back to the car.

The hike back to the car was uneventful, however on the way home we saw a huge black bear on the top of Bear Notch rd. Back on the Kangamangus we passed one of the largest moose any of us have ever seen. We felt very lucky to see two large animals in such a short time.

View from Mt. Nancy
View from Mt. Nancy
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More views from the summit of Mt. Nancy
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