Mt. Mansfield

Hiked on: July 17, 1999
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 8 miles)

Mt. Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont and is very rocky near the top. It took us a little extra time to get over some of the boulders and ledges to reach the summit. Once we arrived at the peak we were greeted by hazy views on this hot and humid day.

Mt. Mansfield Summit
Mt. Mansfield (chin)
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Mt. Mansfield VT
Mt. Mansfield (nose?)
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When seen from a distance, Mt. Mansfield looks like a face staring up at the sky. Because of this natural profile the high points on the mountain are named for different parts of a face. For example, the summit is located on the chin. 

After we hit the summit, Danielle and I headed along the ridge until we came upon the top of the auto road near the nose. Here we turned around and headed back to the trail we used to get up the mountain. 

Mt. Mansfield - Stowe Ski Area
Mt. Mansfield
- Stowe Ski Area
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Hiked on: August 13, 1994
Tim on Mt. Mansfield
Tim on Mt. Mansfield
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On my first trip up Mt. Mansfield I was staying at Underhill State Park at the base of the mountain. Unfortunately, the day I planned for the hike was damp and cloudy and visibility never got better than 100 feet.


Hiking up the western side of the mountain is also steep and rocky. By the time I got back to camp I was soaked and covered in mud. The best I could do to clean up was get a sponge bath because the campground did not have showers!


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