Mt. Lincoln

Hiked on: September 2, 2001
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 10

Danielle and Tim on Mt. Lincoln
Danielle and Tim on Mt. Lincoln
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Mt. Lincoln has awesome views all around, but there is not direct way to get there.

Me and Danielle took our time to get to Mt. Lincoln. We stopped frequently to enjoy the fabulous views. This view is looking towards Vermont.

View towards Lonesome Lake from Mt. Lincoln
View of the Kinsmans
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View off of Mt. Lincoln
Mt. Washington in the background
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This is looking into the Pemi wilderness with Mt. Washington in the background.

Hiked on: September 9, 2000
and Tim - Total Distance: 10 miles)

Anthony and I rested for a while on the summit of Lincoln on our way down from Lafayette.  We had some great views and the summit to ourselves, at least for a little while.

On our way over to Little Haystack we past 2 backpackers who were hiking barefoot.  Not something I'd do.

Hiked on: August 28, 1993

view of Mt. Lincoln from the ridge
Lincoln  summit

I hiked over to Mt. Lincoln along the ridge from Mt. Lafayette.  Since most of the views were the same I didn't take many pictures.

From the summit of Lincoln, I hiked over to Little Haystack and then back down to the campground.

view of the Pemigawasat wilderness from Lincoln
view from Lincoln

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