Mt. Killington

Hiked on: August 8, 1998
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: ? miles)

Danielle and I did not plan on hiking Killington the weekend we were in Vermont. We originally went up there for a beer festival, that we found out was held the previous weekend due to a schedule change. I wish someone told us about the change!

Mt. Killington Summit
Mt. Killington's summit
View from Mt. Killington
View from the summit

Since we were in the Killington area already we decided to head up the mountain. Our closest approach was from the ski resort side. Much to our dismay we learned that the ski resort charges hikers to use the trails/ski slopes on this side of the mountain. Since we were already there we reluctantly paid the fee and began our climb.

From what I remember, it was really hot this day and we sweated our @#$& off. We only had a small daypack for the two of us, but found out the snackbar at the top of the gondola near the summit had some cool drinks.
View from Mt. Killington
Another summit shot
Killington gondolas
Gondola Station at Killington

If you ever want to head up Mt. Killington and avoid the fee I would suggest following the Long Trail from the other side of the mountain.

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