Mt. Guyot

July 24, 2002
(Tim & Danielle - Total Distance: 1 mile from Guyot Campsite)

On our backpacking trip to the Bonds we had to hike up and over Mt. Guyot. This peak is not on the 4,000 footer list even though it is over 4,500 feet, but is considered an "unofficial" peak. It was also where we found some alpine flora and got our first views of the wilderness when we finally reached treeline. However, for us Mt. Guyot's true summit was still further ahead. 

View from Mt. Guyot
Trail on Mt. Guyot

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Danielle on Guyot Summit
Danielle on Mt. Guyot 
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Before we could get to the summit of Mt. Guyot we had to hike down to the ridge and pick up the Bondcliff trail. This trail is very rocky and soon began its ascent to the mountain's peak. Once we reached the top we found a large rock pile with a white stone. We later found out that this rock is visible from the summit of West Bond.

Eventually we made our way to the Guyot campsite, found a platform to set up the tent and took a well needed rest before we cooked dinner.  This was our base camp for the next couple of days while we explored the Bonds. A caretaker collects an $8 fee from each visitor whether they stay in a tent or the shelter. After seeing the inside of the shelter, we were glad we brought a tent.

The day we arrived we found two youth groups already there. One was a group of teenage girls that you could hear a mile away. The other was a group of young boys who didn't make a sound. Luckily, by 9:00 all the girls were exhausted from their hike and were sound asleep. On our second night, most of the sites were filled by French Canadians. They seem to enjoy the mountains as much as we do.

Guyot tent platform
Guyot tent platform
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