Mt. Ellen

Hiked on: July 19, 1997
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 12 miles)

Mt. Ellen (or the Sugarbush ski resort) was our turn around point for this hike along the long trail.  When me and Danielle arrived at the summit it was foggy and cold, so we hiked a little bit further and found the unlocked control house for the chair lift. This was a nice location to have lunch and stay out of the cold, damp fog. 

Mt. Ellen summit sign
Mt. Ellen summit
Mt. Ellen Summit - Vermont
Mt. Ellen summit
click image for larger view

After lunch, me and Danielle returned to Mt. Ellen for a couple of summit shots. While we were there a few other people showed up with their dog. At this point I had removed the rubber tip of my hiking staff and placed it on a rock so I could dig my staff into the ground and use it as a tripod for my camera. The dog noticed the rubber tip and decided it would make a great chew toy. It took a bit of canine negotiating before I got the rubber tip back. 


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