Mt. Chocorua

Hiked on: Numerous Occassions
(Danielle and Tim and others- Total Distance: 8 miles)

Mt. Chocorua (October 2001)
Mt. Chocorua is one of the most hiked peaks in New England.  It is just over 3,500 feet high and has spectacular views from its bare summit. This is the first mountain many people climb (including both of us) due to its numerous trails and convenient location to the highway. When some of our friends want to go on a hike with us we usually bring them here. Tim has hiked and backpacked this mountain 10 times and Danielle has been up it 3 times. Both of us look forward to the day we hike it again!

Looking towards Mt. Washington from the summit

On certain days of the year, especially summer and early fall weekends, you can expect to find lots and lots of people lounging around on the summit. However, if you find yourself up there on one of those rare quiet moments you will feel like you're flying over the mountains and valley's!

Along the ridge from the summit of Mt. Chocorua sits the Middle Sisters. These are two minor peaks about a mile from the main peak and offer a great view looking back to Chocorua. In addition, most of the day hikers do not make the extra effort to bag these summits so most of the time you can have the view all to yourself!

Mt. Chocorua from Middle Sister
Champney Falls
ampney Falls (10/10/02)
(click for larger image) 

Champney falls is about half way up the mountain and is actually a series of waterfalls. The tallest falls from the top of a small ravine with steep rock walls. Above the ledge is another waterfall and a series of cascades that flow into a pool before pitching over the edge.

To get to the falls you must follow a side path from the main trail. However, you can loop back to the Champney Falls trail by following the steep path up along the stream. On the way back down the main trail passes a nice view of the nearby ridge.

Whenever we hike up Chocorua we always visit the falls. It's a nice spot to take a break and cool your face in a mountain stream. 


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