July 25, 2002
(Tim & Danielle - Total Distance: 1.8 mile from Guyot Campsite)

Before we took our first step onto Bondcliff we decided this would be our final 4,000 footer in New Hampshire. Having heard of the phenomenal views and massive cliffs we wanted our final peak to be something special. To get there we first had to hike down the steep rocky slope of Mt. Bond. Once we reached the main ridge between the peaks we stepped out of the trees again. This gave us a nice view of the summit ahead and pushed us harder to reach our final goal.

Bondcliff from trail down Mt. Bond

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Danielle and Tim on Bondcliff
Danielle and Tim on the cliffs 
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Before we knew it we were near the summit of Bondcliff.   Soon after we took our final steps up the mountain, we dropped our packs and took in the wonderful view. We could see the valley between West Bond and Mt. Bond, the Franconia Ridge with Owls Head in the foreground, Mt. Carrigan, Mt. Hancock, and the rivers and streams down below.

While savoring the view, the two guys we met on Mt. Bond caught up to us again and were kind enough to take our picture on the cliff.  After thanking them for their assistance we all heard a distant rumble in the valley. Looking off to the south we noticed two planes flying quickly towards us through the mountains. Before we knew it they were right over our heads. In fact, they were so close we could clearly see the pilots in each plane.

Jet Fighter Flyby
Close flyby
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Victory Champagne
The fat lady sings
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Traditionally, hikers celebrate finishing the 48 4,000 foot peaks with a bottle of champagne. We were no exception. Having carried this bottle over 13 miles we were happy to finally get the chance to open it and watch the cork fly. Not a drop was spilled and we were ready to taste our sweet victory. Soon, other hikers joined us on the summit. Some congratulated us on our accomplishment while others rested from the long hike in. Before we left Bondcliff we took some departing shots on the cliffs to remember the time we spent on this beautiful mountain.


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