West Bigelow

July 7, 2003
(Tim & Danielle - Total Distance: 12 miles)

After a quick breakfast at the Avery tent site Danielle and I loaded our packs and headed up West Bigelow. On the way up we ran into the Unknown Pond caretaker who was heading to the Avery shelter to help the trail crew. We chatted for a while and soon continued on our way.  Soon, we reached the summit where we stopped for some pictures and to enjoy the view. 

Bigelow summit
Mt. Bigelow Summit
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West Bigelow summit view
Danielle on West Bigelow (Horns in background)
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This day was a bit more hazy than the day before but the views were just as spectacular. We could see Mt Avery and the fire tower just to the east and the Horns to the west. We both agreed that there's no better way to start your day than from the summit of a mountain. Hitting the trail again we began the long hike over to the Horns and Unknown Pond.

South Horn is on the list of the 100 highest peaks in New England. We wanted to hike over this summit in case we ever decided to do that list we would not have to hike all the way back up here. Along the trail we passed a couple of Appalachian Trail through hikers. They were getting pretty excited that their long hike was nearing the end. When we finally reached the summit we snapped a few pictures then hiked over to North Horn to bag yet another peak. This summit was more open and offered a nice view looking down into Unknown Pond, over to West Bigelow and the lake. After a quick snack we hiked down the steep trail to Unknown Pond. It's a very pretty area, but the bugs were horrendous. We took another break, had a snack, filled out water bottles then headed down the easy Unknown Pond trail to get back to the car. It seemed like we hiked forever, but from leaving the tent site we made it to the car in about 6 hours.

Tim on South Horn
Tim on South Horn
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