Wildcat D

Hiked on: August 26, 2006
Tim, Jennifer, Heather, Steve - Total Distance: 3 miles)
Steve on Mt. Wildcat
Steve on the trail to Mt. Wildcat

For Heather's birthday a whole bunch of us gathered at a house in New Hampshire for the weekend. While there, she wanted to retrace one of the first hikes she ever did by climbing Mt. Wildcat. At the time she was nervous about some ledges and steep dropoffs. We returned to the mountain to see if her experiences have helped her get over her fears. At the top of Wildcat D we met up with the others who did not want to hike. After enjoying the view we all got into a gondola for the ride down.

Pictures from the hike up Mt. Wildcat

Hiked on: July 23, 2000
, Tim, Anthony - Total Distance: 9 miles)

Wildcat range
Wildcat ridge from the Glen Boulder trail
Click on image for larger view

Wildcat "D" peak is just on the other side of the gondola from "E" and has a viewing platform with a fantastic view of the Presidential range.


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