Mt. Washington

June 16, 2000
(Danielle, Tim, Anthony, Matt, Sarah - Total Distance: 11.5 miles)

Mt. Washington from the summit of Mt. Monroe
Mt. Washington from the summit of Mt. Monore

This was the first hike up Washington for Sarah, Matt, and Anthony.  On the way up, me, Danielle and Anthony bagged Mt. Monroe.  Afterwards, we met Sarah and Matt on the summit of Washington for the long hike down.

Here we are on the summit.  What a beautiful day!

We made it back down!

On the hike down we passed a cog rail car on its way from the summit. For some reason, a bunch of passengers wanted to take our picture while were were standing on the trail.

Here we are at the end of a long day.  Except for some wind and a few afternoon clouds, you couldn't have asked for a better day to climb Mt. Washington.

June 28, 1998
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 9 miles)

The day me and Danielle hiked Mt. Washington the sun was shining, but the clouds rolled in during the afternoon.   However, the clouds didn't spoil the views when we reached the top.

Tim and Danielle on the summit of Mt. Washington
Summit shot
Danielle looking at the trail we came up
This is the way we came up. Mt. Monroe is in the center of the picture.

View from Mt. Washington
This view is looking towards Mt. Adams & Mt. Madison

Another view from Mt. Washington
Looking across to Mt. Wildcat

This was Danielle's first trip up Mt. Washington, but Tim's third.  Below are some pictures from his other hikes.

June 18, 1994
Me and Andy on the summit in June 1994
Me and Andy on the summit.
Tuckermans Ravine
Andy and I hiked up the Tuckermans Ravine trail to get to the summit. Some people were still skiing here in June.

September 1993
On the trail to the summit - September 1993
My first trip up the mountain was in late September 1993, on a cloudy, windy, snowy day.
Summit benchmark in the ice
To prove I made it to the top that day I took this picture of the summit benchmark.

For more information about Mt. Washington, including a live image
from the summit, check out the
Mt. Washington Homepage.


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