Tuckermans Ravine

June 29, 2003
(Tim & Danielle - Total Distance: 8 miles)

This was a hike not to conquer a summit, but to find wild flowers blooming in the alpine zone above tree line. We also wanted to check out Tuckermans Ravine since neither of us has been there. The plan was to hike up the Lions Head trail, circle Tuckermans Ravine and come down the Boot Spur trail. However, due to the lateness of the afternoon we decided to head down the Tuckermans Ravine trail instead to get back to the car.

Just as we started our hike we came across a butterfly sunning himself on the trail. Soon, we passed the crystal cascade and began the long climb up the rocky trail to the hermit lake shelter. Just before we reached the shelter we crossed over a brook and finally made it to the hut. We decided to take a break, like everyone else, before we began our climb. The hut offers a lot of information about the area and has a great view of the ravine.

Tuckermans Ravine
Tuckermans Ravine
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Lion's Head
Lions Head 
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We were soon heading up the Lions Head trail which had some steep and rocky sections, but also offer some great views. Eventually we hiked out of the trees into the alpine zone and made it to the big cairn on top. From here, there were great views looking down into Tuckermans Ravine and up to Mt Washington.

The ridge above the ravine is mostly flat and is where many of the alpine plants grow. This is where we took most of our  flora pictures. Passing the Alpine Garden trail we soon reconnected with the Tuckermans Ravine trail and rested for a while before we began our hike back to the car. Again, the views looking into the ravine were awesome. We could clearly see the trail to the cabin and the ridge that leads up to the Boot Spur (soon to be Mt Reagan).

Alpine Flora
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The trail down the headwall was very steep. We had to watch our footing because of the loose rocks and melting snow. In one spot we had to pass through some big snow boulders that looked liked they could slip at any moment. Eventually we made it back to the cabin where we could look back and see where we had been just a short time ago.  After another break we soon packed up and headed down the trail back to the car. By the end of the day we were both beat, but enjoyed every minute of our time above tree line.

Tuckermans Ravine from Hermit Lake Shelter
View ravine from shelter
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