Mt. Tom

Hiked on: March 19, 2006
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 6 miles)

On the last full day of winter 2006, we hiked to the summit of Mt. Tom on a cold and cloudy March afternoon. We saw a few other hikers on the trail, but only one went all the way to Mt. Tom. By the time we arrived on the summit we had the mountain all to ourselves. This is the first hike we did this winter where we needed our snowshoes to get through the soft snow. We also had some fun slidding down the trail on our butts!

Up on the summit we walked through a winter wonderland covered in snow. All the trees had several inches of new powder on them that made them look like they were covered in cotton. At the summit some snow showers moved in so we didn't have any views. However, we were visited by a few hungry grey jays.

Sun on the Mt. Tom Spur trail
Photo album of hike up Mt. Tom
Hiked on: September 11, 2004
(Tim, Fuzz and Anthony- Total Distance: 7 miles)

After leaving Mt. Field, the three of us headed over to Mt. Tom so Anthony and Fuzz could bag another 4,000 footer. The flag team for this mountain had already left by the time we arrived.

Luckily, the weather was clear and warm. We had terrific views over to the presidential range and into the Pemi wilderness. Once we got our summit pictures we put our packs back on and headed back to the car.

When we arrived at the parking lot we met up with the Willey flag team. We chatted a bit then all headed to the Mooseland Grill for drinks and to meet other hikers.

The view from Mt. Tom
Photo album of 2004 hike up Mt. Tom
Hiked on: July 18, 1998
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 12 miles)

Mt. Tom was the last peak we bagged on a 4 summit day. By the time we got here from Mt. Field we were both getting tired. There was a log bench on the summit which offered a nice resting place to enjoy the views into the Pemigawasset Wilderness.

Danielle and Tim on Mt. Tom
Danielle and Tim on Mt. Tom

View from the summit of Mt. Tom

The weather was hazy, hot and humid. Most of the hike was in the trees which helped keep us cool.

The trail back from Mt. Tom wasn't too bad except for one step section just before a trail intersection. This peak is one I'd like to get back to someday because of the fabulous views.

Another view from the summit of Mt. Tom

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