South Carter

Hiked on: July 11, 2009
(Tim and Anthony - Total Distance:
11.2 miles)

I finally returned to South Carter to get my summit picture on a peak bagging hike with Anthony. This summit was our last for the day. We had a good pace going and the .8 mile hike from Zeta Pass was a bit steeper than I remember. We were both tired when we reached the top. After a couple of quick pictures we headed down the mountain to join Danielle at our campsite. By the way, the summit sign is now gone. There's only a small cairn that lets you know you're own the top.

Pictures from Carter Dome hike

Tim on the summit of South Carter

Hiked on: August 19, 2000
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance:
12 miles)

View of South Carter
View of South Carter (right) from Carter Dome Summit
. Middle Carter is on the left
click on image for larger view

Danielle and I bagged South Carter on our way down from Mt. Hight and Carter Dome. The trail from Zeta pass to the summit is an easy mile. The summit is completly wooded, but has a small sign letting you know you found it. We were not able to get a summit photo because my camera battery died!


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