Saddleback Horn

August 21, 2004
(Tim and Danielle - Total Distance: 15 miles)

Hiking to the Horn from Saddleback is rumored to be one of the most beautiful ridge walks in Maine. Lots of open ridges and alpine vegetation makes this a hikers paradise. Unfortunately when Danielle and I headed to the mountain from Saddleback the rain began to fall and clouds moved in to obstruct any view. Along the way we the rain slowed, but as luck would have it when we reached the top the rain really began to fall. Fearing there might be lightening we left the summit almost as soon as we arrived. 

Saddleback and Horn
Saddleback and Horn from Mt. Abraham
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On the rainy trail to the Horn
On the rainy trail to the Horn
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Just below the Horn summit we sheltered in some trees until the heavy rain passed. Once the sky brightened a bit we began our long hike back to the car. At one point we had to get down the slippery ladder that was left over from the fire tower that used to sit on the mountain. This definitely helped us get passed a step section of trail.

About half way back to Saddleback we ran into a group of ladies section hiking the AT. They asked us to inform the slowest member of their group to turn around, but when we ran into her she wasn't that far behind. In the end she decided to follow her friends.

One of these days we will have to repeat this hike on a clear sunny day to see the views we missed.


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