South Kinsman

Hiked on: June 8, 2002
, Danielle, Anthony - Total Distance: 10 miles)

The hike from North to South Kinsman is just under a mile. The trail is an easy walk with a few rocky sections near each summit. Just after we left North Kinsman for the hike over to the south peak we were passed by a large & loud group of people. For a short while we were hiking in the middle of this group, but decided to let the remainder pass, so we could hike at our own pace and have some quiet time. We caught up to them again all sprawled out on the peak of South Kinsman.


Tim and Danielle on South Kinsman
Tim and Danielle on South Kinsman
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South Kinsman Summit
The Summit of South Kinsman
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South Kinsman has a much larger and more open summit than its brother to the north. The peak is made up of two rocky mounds with a wooded section about 100 yards wide separating the two. The first mound on the northern end of the mountain is the actual true peak, but the other mound has a large rock pile marking the top of the mountain. Just to be safe we hiked over both peaks.

We had a nice break on South Kinsman and examined some of the native plant life. At one point, a glider was drifting along the side of the mountain below us. That sure looked like a nice way to explore the mountains. Before we left to hike back down to the car clouds began to roll in. Soon after we arrived at Lonesome Lake it began to rain, however it was a welcome drizzle that cooled the air for us. The Kinsmans offer excellent views but is a good days workout to reach the peaks.

View of North Kinsman from South Kinsman
North Kinsman from South Kinsman
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Hiked on: August 17, 1996
(Tim - Total Distance: 14 miles)

On my very first solo hike I managed to bag 6 peaks in one day.  North and South Kinsman were the first 2 mountains I conquered.  Luckily, the clouds lifted just enough for me to see some spectacular views.

Tim on the summit of South Kinsman
Tim on the summit of South Kinsman
From the summit of South Kinsman, I hiked over the Cannon Balls to the summit of Mt. Cannon.  By the end of the day I hiked 14 miles.
View from North Kinsman

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