Mt. Osceola

Hiked on: September 14, 2002
(Danielle, Tim & Anthony - Total Distance: 9 miles)

For our second trip up Mt. Osceola we were carrying an American flag to the summit of East Osceola. This was our contribution to the Flags on the 48 commemoration which honored the victims of the September 11 attacks one year ago. Anthony joined us so he could bag a couple more 4,000 foot peaks. We also met the guys carrying the flag up to Osceola and hiked with them for a while.

Tim & Danielle on Osceola

View from Mt. Osceola
View from Mt. Osceola
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The trail up Osceola passes by some boulders and is rocky in sections, but has many switch backs which makes for easy climbing. We arrived at the summit in just over 2 hours. From the cliffs on the summit we had some great views in all directions. However, we did need to be careful not to get too close to the edge since it was rather steep.

After a quick break we continued on our way along the steep and rocky trail to the east peak so we could hang our flag. We arrived there about 40 minutes later. 

Hiked on: October 3, 1998
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 9 miles)

Mt. Osceola summit

O.k. so the picture is a little dark, but that is me and Danielle on the summit of Osceola. We are leaning on a concrete support that once held down a fire tower.

We hiked Osceola on a cool cloudy day and had the mountain to ourselves, until shortly after we reached the summit.

View from Osceola

Mt. Tripyramid from Osceola

From the summit of Osceola me and Danielle decided to head over to East Osceola and bag another 4,000 foot summit.

Here's a view of the Mt. Osceola summit from the trail to East Osceola.

Mt. Osceola from East Osceola

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