North Twin

Hiked on: June 17, 2000
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance:
10 miles)

North Twin Summit

The hike up North Twin was long, but not difficult. We even saw a deer on the trail not to far from the trailhead. The worst part of the hike were the 3 river crossings. We needed to find a way to hop from rock to rock to get across the river. After the third crossing the trail became steeper until we finally made it to the summit.

At the summit we found a ledge with some nice views towards Mt. Galehead and the Franconia ridge. Unfortunately the clouds were rolling in and soon covered up the view we had.

Summit view from North Twin looking at Mt. Galehead and the hut

A view of Mt. Garfield from the summit of North Twin

Before we headed back down we went over to South Twin. However when we got there it began to rain and had to run back to treeline in case of lightning. By the time we made it back to North Twin the rain let up and we had a soggy hike back to the car.


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