North Kinsman

Hiked on: June 8, 2002
, Danielle, Anthony - Total Distance: 10 miles)

The trip to the Kinsmans started by hiking up to Lonesome Lake. Once we arrived, we had to walk half way around the lake on wooden pontoons to find the Lonesome Lake Cabin and the trail that would take us up to the Kinsmans. The weather was sunny and mild and the bugs were not yet up and about. From the shore of the lake we had some great views of the Kinsmans, Franconia Ridge and the Cannon Balls. It was a great place to stop and take some pictures.


Lonesome Lake
South (left) and North Kinsman from the shore of Lonesome Lake
(click image for larger view)
Steps on rock ledge
Steps on a rock ledge
(click image for larger view)

The Fishing Jimmy trail from the Lonesome Lake Hut to the Kinsman Ridge trail is very rocky, has a number of small streams & waterfalls and several large boulders. We were ready for the challenge. Overall, the trail is not very steep except for a few rocky sections where wooden steps were imbedded into the stone to help a hiker on their journey.

The summit of North Kinsman is not very large. On a small ledge that looks off to the east, there is an excellent view of Franconia Ridge across the valley and Lonesome Lake further below. After the three of us took a short break and snapped a few photos we headed over to South Kinsman to bag another 4,000 footer.

Danielle and Tim on North Kinsman
Danielle and Tim on North Kinsman
(click image for larger view)
Views from the summit of North Kinsman

Hiked on: August 17, 1996
(Tim - Total Distance: 14 miles)

On my very first solo hike I managed to bag 6 peaks in one day.  North and South Kinsman were the first 2 mountains I conquered on this day.  Luckily, the clouds lifted just enough for me to see some spectacular views.

Tim on the summit of South Kinsman
Tim on the summit of South Kinsman
From the summit of South Kinsman, I hiked over the Cannon Balls to the summit of Mt. Cannon.  By the end of the day I hiked 14 miles.
View from North Kinsman

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