Mt. Monroe

Hiked on: June 16, 2001
(Danielle, Tim, Anthony - Total Distance: 11.5 miles)

On our way up Mt. Monroe from the hut Anthony ran into a friend of his from work.   There was a good deal of alpine vegetation in bloom on the trail up to the top.

The lakes of the clouds, AMC hut, and Mt. Washington summit from Mt. Monroe

View of Mt. Washington and the Lakes of the Clouds from the summit of Mt. Monroe
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Hiked on: June 28, 1998

Mt. Monroe from the Lake of the Clouds hut
Mt. Monroe

On the way up Mt. Washington I took a side trip to Mt. Monroe and Mt. Franklin.  Danielle waited at the Lake of the Clouds hut while I ran up the summits.

There were a few hikers on the summit of Monroe and I asked one of them to take this shot.   Mt. Washington is behind me in the clouds.

Mt. Monroe summit
Tim on the Summit of Monroe
View from the summit of Mt. Monroe
Mt. Monroe view

This shot is looking down to the Lake of the Clouds hut.

Here I am on the summit of Mt. Franklin.  You can see Mt. Monroe in the background.

Franklin summit.JPG (5016 bytes)
Mt. Franklin Summit

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