Hiked on: June 12, 1999
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 10

North (left) and Middle Tripyramid

After our experience on the North Slide hiking along the ridge was a piece of cake. Middle Tripyramid is a wooded summit, but there are some views along the trail. 

Since we did this hike in June we got to experience the full onslaught of bug month. I had 100% deet on this trip which spared us for about 20 minutes at a time from the insects constant barrage.

North Tripyramid from Middle Tripyramid

View from the north slide

One of the nice things about hiking the Tripyramids is that there is only one manmade object you can see and that is the Attitash ski slopes. If you look the other way you can lose yourself in the wilderness.

South Tripyramid

Although South Tripyramid is not on the official 4,000 footer list there is a great view from the top of the slide.

The south slide is also very steep, but has better footing than the north slide due to all the loose scree and rocks. We had to take our time getting down this slide as well, but neither of us were as nervous as on the other slide.


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