Middle Carter

Hiked on: June 21, 2001
, Tim, Anthony - Total Distance: 9 miles)

Of all the hikes we did in 2001 we had the worst weather getting to Middle Carter. We went up the North Imp trail and had some nice views of Pinkham Notch from the Imp, but soon after that we walked into the clouds, drizzle and rain. Once we made it to the ridge we had a tough time finding Middle Carter. There were lots of false summits along the trail, but luckily a couple of hikers passed us and told us to look for the Middle Carter sign.

Anthony, Danielle and Tim on Middle Carter
Anthony, Danielle and Tim on Middle Carter
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Me and Danielle on the summit of North Carter
North Carter Summit
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Even though North Carter isn't an official 4,000 footer we decided to bag the peak on our way back from Middle Carter. It wasn't to far out of the way and the trail was very easy. The summit is just a clearing along the trail, but has a view point looking towards the north. We couldn't see anything due to the clouds.


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