Mt. Madison

Hiked on: July 19, 2003
(Anthony, Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 11 miles)

This hike was to help Anthony capture a couple more 4,000 foot peaks and for Tim and Danielle to revisit this beautiful alpine area. We followed the Valley Way trail all the way to the Madison Springs hut. The hiking on the trail was pleasant and on the way up we came across a woodpecker making a new home. Eventually we made it to treeline and shortly after arrived at the hut. The hut is located in the col between Mt. Madison and Mt. Adams. It has sleeping quarters for tired hikers, a dining area where you can relax with a snack and an interesting view of Mt. Quincy Adams, a sub peak of Mt. Adams. 
Tim on Mt. Madison
Tim on Mt. Madison
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Mt. Adams from Mt. Madison
Mt. Adams from Mt. Madison
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After taking a short break Danielle decided to stay at the hut while Anthony and I hiked up to the summit of Mt. Madison. The hike to the summit began steep and rocky but about half way there it leveled off a bit. At the summit we met several other hikers who arrived at the same time we did and we could see more heading up the trail from the other side of the mountain. We had a great view of Carter Notch and Wildcat across the valley as well as Mt. Washington and Mt. Adams. Eventually we headed back to the hut to meet up with Danielle for our hike up Mt. Adams. However on the way down I could not resist taking a final shot of Mt. Adams and the white boulder at Star Lake.
Hiked on August 23, 1997
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 11 miles)

Mt. Madison & Mt. Adams
Mt. Madison & Mt. Adams (background)

On the day we hiked Mt . Madison the summit was in and out of the clouds.

Danielle took this picture of me on the summit of Madison.  From here we hiked down the steep trail to the Madison hut for lunch.  Then we hiked up Mt. Adams before heading back to the car.

Summit shot of Mt. Madison
Tim on the Summit of Madison
View from the summit of Mt. Madison
Mt. Madison view

The clouds cleared just enough for a nice view looking north.

The Madison hut is a great place to stop for a rest.

Madison Hut
Madison Hut

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