Mt. Hancock (north peak)

Hiked on: July 24, 1999
(Danielle, Tim, Anthony - Total Distance: 9 miles)

Danielle and Tim on Mt. Hancock
Danielle and Tim on Mt. Hancock summit
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Up to this day we never had a very rainy hike. Our luck changed about an hour after we began when we got caught in a downpour. It soon stopped but other showers followed. This was Anthony's first hike ever and I figured he would never want to go again. Suprisingly, he had a great time and is still hiking to this day.

During one particularly nasty downpour we all hid under a rock. None of us had the appropriate rain gear, but luckily it was a nice warm day.

Tim and Danielle hiding from the rain
Avoiding the rain under a rock
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View from the summit of North Hancock
South Hancock from the main summit
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The hike to the Hancock loop was mostly flat, but once we hit the loop it was a straight shot to the summit. When we arrived on the peak the clouds lifted enough for us to get some views.


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