Mt. Eisenhower

Hiked on: September 25, 2004
(Danielle, Tim and Fuzz - Total Distance: 9 miles) September 25, 2004

Tim, Fuzz and Danielle on Mt. Eisenhower
Tim, Fuzz and Danielle on Mt. Eisenhower

On a mild fall weekend we decided to find a hike that we haven't done before and help Fuzz bag another 4,000 foot peak. The Edmands Path up Eisenhower fit the bill. Since we had all day to hike we decided to head over to Mt. Franklin and bag that peak as well. It was the only 5,000 foot peak Danielle had not bagged.

Overall, we had a nice day to hike. It was cloudy and windy up on the ridge, but it didn't rain and we had some descent views. All of us enjoyed the relative ease of the Edmands Path and the time we spent above treeline. It's a hike I would like to do again, but instead of returning down the same path go over to Mt. Monroe and hike down the Ammonusuc Ravine trail.

Here's some slides from our hike.

Hiked on: August 18, 2001
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 10 miles)

Rocks on the Crawford Path
Strange rock formation along the Crawford Path
Click image for larger view

Danielle and I almost didn't hike over to Eisenhower from Mt. Pierce due to strong winds and cool temperatures. We decided to go after speaking to a few people on top of Mt. Pierce who just came that way and said the weather wasn't that bad.

Except for the cloudy skies the weather was nice. It was very windy (I got knocked down twice) but we had fleece and wind breakers to keep us warm. 

Hiking the Crawford Path
Hiking to Mt. Eisenhower from Mt. Pierce
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Danielle and Tim on Eisenhower
Danielle and Tim on Mt. Eisenhower
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We only stayed on the summit of Mt. Eisenhower for a little while due to the wind. We found a nice calm spot on the east side of the mountain and had a snack. Then we began the long trek back down the Crawford Path and back to the car.

Hiked on: July 22, 1995

Tim on Eisenhower
Mt. Eisenhower summit

I hiked to the summit of Mt. Eisenhower along the Crawford Path on a cloudy, drizzly day.  The path was steep in some places, but not difficult and goes over the summit of Mt. Pierce before reaching Eisenhower.  Unfortunately, because of the clouds there were no views and I only took a couple of pictures.


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