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Flags on the 48!
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To commemorate the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 the hiking community decided to fly an American flag on all 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in New Hampshire. We volunteered for East Osceola and since Anthony needed to hike Osceola and the east peak for his list, he decided to come with us.

We began our hike by meeting Brian C in the parking lot. He was carrying the flag up to Osceola with one of his buddies. We hiked together for a while and shared some stories, but soon departed on the summit of Osceola for our journey to East Osceola.

Flag on East Osceola Summit
Flag flying on East Osceola summit
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The Chimney
The Chimney
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About half way between Osceola and East Osceola is a steep rocky formation called the chimney. You can hike around it if you want, but it is fun hiking up or down the rocks. It gives you the sensation of being a real mountaineer. When we arrived at the summit we set up our flag for the event. Some hikers that passed by knew about the event and others were pleased by what we were doing. While on the summit we managed to find some clearings to enjoy the views. We could see the main peak and other summits nearby. After flying our flag for a couple of hours we packed up and headed out.  

Hiked on: October 3, 1998
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 9 miles)

East Osceola summit

The hike to East Osceola from the main summit was very interesting. We had to go down a rock chimney which was very steep. The summit was marked by a small rock pile along the trail and there are no views.

Going up the chimney on the way back to the main peak was much easier than going down.

Danielle in the chimney

East Osceola from the main summit

You can see the pointy summit of East Osceola in the picture on the left. I think it was a little more than a mile away.


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