Cherry Mountain

Hiked on:
November 7, 2003
(Tim and Danielle - Total Distance: 5.4 miles)

We were in NH for a weekend at the Woodstock Inn and decided to do a hike with some views. Cherry Mountain (or Mt. Martha) was close by and allowed us to also bag Owl's Head.

The trail was mainly straight and an easy to moderate hike through a birch forest up to the ridge. Soon we reached the main ridge trail just below the summit which was as wide as a road. A short time later we arrived at clearing on the summit of Cherry Mountain.

Tim and Danielle on Mt. Martha
Tim and Danielle on Cherry Mountain (Mt. Martha)
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View from Cherry Mountain
View from on top of Cherry Mountain
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Cherry Mountain is a wooded summit and trees get in the way of some views, however there are a few spots where you can look out into the valley below. It was a bit hazy the day we were up there, but the views were still terrific. We could see right down into Crawford Notch,  the high peaks of Franconia Notch, and the north side of the presidentials

After a short break we headed off down Martha's mile to Owl's Head. Turns out the mile is in fact on .8 miles long.

This Owl's Head mountain is much better than the 4,000 foot peak with the same name. It is much easier to get to and has terrific views not far from its wooded summit. There's an open rocky ledge just below the peak which has views of the presidential range.

The northern and southern presidential peaks looked like a fortress wall with Crawford Notch opening the only pass through the hills. Looking to the north we only saw some small foothills and ponds. We enjoyed the views for quite a while, but we soon had to put our packs back on and hike back over Cherry Mountain

Overall this was a nice hike over two peaks on a late fall day. We had the trails and mountains to ourselves the entire time we were out there and best of all we got to enjoy some Red Rack Ale and Pig's Ear Brown at the Woodstock Inn later that night.

Danielle and Tim on Owl's Head
On top of Owl's Head
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