Carter Dome

Hiked on: July 11, 2009
(Tim and Anthony - Total Distance: 11.2 miles)

Anthony needed Carter Dome and South Carter for his 4,000 footer list. I decided to tag along on the hike, while Danielle stayed behind at our campsite. We followed the 19 Mile Brook Trail to Zeta Pass and bagged the summits from there. Other than some clouds in the afternoon we had a good day to be in the mountains. We even passed some through hikers on their way to Maine.

Pictures from Carter Dome

Tim on Carter Dome
Tim on Carter Dome Summit

Hiked on: August 19, 2000
(Tim and Danielle - Total Distance: 12 miles)

On the summit of Carter Dome
Carter Dome Summit
(click image for larger view)

On our way up Carter Dome, Danielle and I stopped at the Carter Notch hut. The hut is located in the col between Carter Dome and Wildcat A and is situated near two pretty ponds. The trail from the hut to Carter Dome was very steep for about a mile then moderated a bit before we reached the summit. There was a spot along the trail with a great view looking down into Carter Notch.

The weather was cool and breezy on this day, but never rained. From Carter Dome we hiked over to Mt. Hight then to Zeta Pass and South Carter. Mt. Hight has a fantastic view and we both look forward to getting back there someday.

South Carter & Mt. Hight from Carter Dome
Looking towards South and Middle Carter from Carter Dome
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Mt. Hight

View from Mt. Hight
View from Mt. Hight
(click image for larger view)

Mt. Hight is a bare summit just north of Carter Dome. It's not on the official 4,000 footer list, but the view is definitely worth the trip. The peak has some excellent views looking into Pinkham notch and across to the Presidential range.

The trail from the summit down to Zeta Pass is steep and rocky. However, getting to Mt. Hight from Carter Dome was relatively easy.

View from Mt. Hight
Another view from Mt. Hight
(click image for larger view)

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