Mt. Cannon

Hiked on: May 25, 2002
(Tim, Danielle, Anthony - Total Distance: 5 miles)

Our first hike for 2002 was on a perfect day. 
We did not see a cloud in the sky and enjoyed mild temperatures. There was a cool breeze in the morning and on the summit which forced us to put on our fleece shirts.

About half way up the mountain we ran into snow on the trail. As we climbed higher the snow became deeper, but was firm enough to allow us to walk on it without a problem.

Danielle on snowy trail
Danielle on snowy trail
Click on image for larger view

View from on top of the Cannon Cliffs
(Mouse over for view from summit of Mt. Lafayette to Mt. Cannon - Click on image for larger view of Franconia ridge)

We decided to hike up the Kinsman Ridge trail to the summit because it is the most direct route. However, the trail begins a steep climb right from the parking lot and did not let up until we reached the cliffs.

The views from the cliffs were spectacular and were well worth the effort to get there. 

The summit of Mt. Cannon has an observation tower with views all around. We could clearly see the Green Mountains in Vermont and many peaks of the White Mountains. The top end of the tram is not far from the tower and houses a snack bar and other amenities not normally found on a mountain.

Anthony, Danielle and Tim on the summit of Mt. Cannon
On top of Mt. Cannon
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Other photos from hike up Mt. Cannon. Click on an image for a larger view

Danielle on Cannon Cliffs Franconia Notch Mount Lincoln and Little Haystack Mt. Lafayette Ridge from Cannon Cliffs to summit North and South Kinsman and the Cannon Balls
Tim on Cannon Cliffs Snow on trail Summit tram station Tram White Trillium Red Trillium

Hiked on: August 17, 1996
(Tim - Total Distance: 14 miles)

I finally made it to the Mt. Cannon summit after climbing over the Kinsmans and Cannon Balls. The final half mile was very steep and covered with lots of boulders that I had to climb over.

Mt. Cannon and its cliffs
View of Mt. Cannon cliffs
Click on image for larger view

Me on the summit

Once on the summit I ran into a large crowed that came up on the gondola. Many seemed impressed that I hiked so far in a short time. After I filled my water bottles I headed back down the mountain toward the Lafayette campground and my car.


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