Mt. Adams

July 19, 2003
(Anthony, Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 11 miles)

This was the second trip up Mt. Adams for us and Anthony's first. We decided to return to this summit because the last time we were here the mountain was covered by a cloud and we did not have any wonderful views. Just like the last hike we started from the Madison Hut and followed the Star Lake trail to the peak. At the lake we stopped to take some pictures of alpine goldenrod and mountain sandwort which likes to grow in rocky marshy areas. We also checked out the big quartz rock nearby. After passing the Great Gulf Wilderness trail we began our long climb up the rocky slope of Mt. Adams. Even though the effort was tough the view from the trail was amazing and got even better when we neared the top.
Mt. Adams Summit
Danielle and Tim on Mt. Adams
click image for larger view
The Great Gulf from Mt. Adams
The Great Gulf from Mt. Adams
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When we finally reached the summit the wind was blowing pretty strong and clouds were floating nearby. We had great views of Mt. Madison, King's Ravine, the Great Gulf and Gorham, NH. We stayed on top for quite a while taking in all the views before we began the steep climb back down. On the trail we took a brief look into King's Ravine before we finally made it back to the hut


With our new digital camera we were able to take a short video of the view from the summit of Mt. Adams.  We hope you enjoy the film.

11 second video from the summit of Mt. Adams. (2.72 mb)

The video shows the view of the Great Gulf starting at Mt. Jefferson and panning over to Mt. Washington. 

August 23, 1997
(Danielle and Tim - Total Distance: 11 miles)

View of Mt. Adams from Mt. Madison
Mt. Adams from Mt. Madison

Mt. Adams was the second peak we hiked on this day. We started out by hiking up to the summit of Mt. Madison, via Valley Way and the Watson Path.  From Mt. Madison we hiked down to the Madison Hut, ate lunch, and then hiked around Star Lake and up to the summit of Mt. Adams.

Just after we reached the top the clouds rolled in and we could only see about 50 feet.   Luckily, we got there just in time to enjoy the views (for about 5 minutes)!!

Danielle and Tim on top of Mt. Adams
Summit shot
View of Mt. Madison from Mt. Adams
Mt. Madison from Mt. Adams

This is the only picture I managed to take from the summit of Adams.  About 1 minute later we were in the clouds. Star lake is in the middle of the picture, which isn't far from the Madison Hut.


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