Suggested hikes for
Portsmouth Brewery

56 Market St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
phone: (603) 431-1115

Market Square
Description A walk around town will take you by historic houses, museums, galleries and the waterfront. Weekends can be busy and parking could be difficult. A parking garage is located right behind the brewery.
More Information Market Square
Guidebook Reference N/A
Length Up to you. Lots of places to explore around town and miles of roads and paths are available to explore.
Elevation Gain N/A
Directions from Brewpub The Portsmouth Brewery is located in Market Square.


Odiorne State Park
Description Ondiorne State Park is the largest stretch of undeveloped land on New Hampshire's seashore. In addition to the trails and wildlife the Seacoast Science Center and old military bunkers are ready to explore.
More Information Odiorne State Park -- Map -- Rt. 1A, Rye, NH
Guidebook Reference N/A
Length Several miles of hiking trails are available.
Elevation Gain N/A
Directions from Brewpub Google Map


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