"Making tasteless beer is not easy but the big guys have the experience, skill, and technical knowledge to do it." - Michael Jackson (beer writer - not the gloved wonder)

To brew a proper batch of beer you need the right equipment.

Brew Pot - 5 gallon size of either stainless steel, enamel on steel or aluminum.  The aluminum pots are the cheapest, but can easily scorch the wort.  Constant stirring is necessary until the wort comes to a rolling boil.

Brewing Spoon - A long plastic or metal spoon.  Do not use wood! A wooden spoon can carry bacteria.

Carboy - A Carboy is a glass container that will hold the wort while it ferments. A good example of a carboy is the jug on top of a water cooler. Always use a glass carboy since plastic can contaminate if scratched.

Funnel - A large plastic or metal funnel is needed to pour the wort into the carboy. Be sure it has a mesh screen to filter the wort and a ribbed side to let air escape the carboy.

Air Lock - A small plastic thing filled with water that lets the fermentation gases out, without letting the outside air in.

Hydrometer - A device used to measure the density of liquids. This device floats in a sample of the must (e.g. beer) at various stages of the brewing process to measure the alcohol content. 

Other Equipment:

C Brite - This powder mixed into a gallon of water is used to clean and purify equipment.

Bottle Washer - This device attaches to the water faucet on a sink and pressurizes the water to clean the inside of bottles and carboys.

Bottling Bucket (not shown) - This is a 5 gallon food grade bucket with a funnel attached near the bottom to fill your bottles of beer. Tubing and a bottling cane are also used in the filling process.

Bottle Cane (not shown) - This is a short piece of rigid plastic tubing with a spring loaded valve on the bottom. By pressing down on the valve with the bottom of a bottle the beer flows through the tube and fills the bottle.


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